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Nov 22, 2022 | 6 min read

How to Build an All-Star Marketing Team from Scratch

Digital Marketing

Marketing is like any sport — you’re only as good as your team is. With the right set of hires, you can set your company up for years of growth and success.

Under every great company is a robust foundation, and your marketing team is an essential building block. What’s more, a particularly powerful one can help you attract potential customers, create brand awareness and loyalty, and boost engagement and conversion rates.

At a certain point, it’s not sustainable or productive for a founding team or small group of generalists to manage all of your marketing activities. And it sounds like a no-brainer, but I can’t stress it enough: Having the right team of experts on your side is crucial to scaling your company’s growth. Better yet, everyone on your team should be thoughtful, authentic, and inspiring marketers who know how to execute on today’s most sophisticated tactics and platforms.

Your All-Star Marketing Team’s Starting Lineup

While every organization’s needs are unique, certain roles are fundamental to the success of every great marketing team. Regardless of how you position your players on the field (so to speak), consider prioritizing these eight roles as you build your all-star squad:

  1. Creative Director
    A true leader, the person who fills this role will deeply understand your target audience and have a clear vision for your brand’s vision and the values you want to embody. While it might seem like a luxury hire when you’re initially building out your team, a senior creative who knows what they’re doing can transform the way your customers see your company and, in turn, dramatically improve your bottom-line marketing results.
  2. Paid Media Manager
    A great brand is an essential ingredient of any successful marketing program, but how would you know if yours is great if no one ever sees it? The best way to find out is to hire a Digital Paid Media Manager who has the experience and technical knowledge to launch campaigns across social, search, and display channels that quickly generate insight into whether your creative is resonating with the right people.
  3. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Specialist
    The marketing leads your paid campaigns generate are just names and email addresses without a CRM in place to help you engage, nurture, and convert them into sales opportunities. And your CRM is just a fancy interface without a true expert in place to set it up correctly and ensure leads continue to flow through your marketing funnel as you nurture them, launch new campaigns, and activate new channels.
  4. Data Scientist
    The beauty of CRMs and paid media platforms is they generate loads of valuable data about your prospective customers and leads. The challenge they present is that it’s often more data than most marketers can comfortably analyze. That’s why many companies hire specialists who can detect patterns and trends in your campaign performance and feed those insights back to the rest of the team to implement.
  5. Graphic Designer
    As your marketing program grows more ambitious, you will quickly realize just how many different visual assets — and variations on each of those assets — your campaigns require to work across all of the different channels and formats that are available to us as marketers today. An efficient, detail-oriented graphic designer can dramatically scale up your ability to run A/B tests, participate in industry events, and even sell through persuasive collateral and pitch decks.
  6. Web Designer or Producer
    It’s almost 2023, and your website is still your best advertisement. Many firms think of it as a one-and-done investment, but truly great marketing organizations continually invest in updating their website with new content, A/B test different creative variants, and optimize for conversion based on deep analytics and user heat mapping. A principled and tech-savvy web designer can help ensure these tactics are all implemented correctly and your website does its job 365 days a year.
  7. Marketing Copywriter
    One way to guarantee your campaigns won’t work is to pair your visual creative with a bunch of generic taglines that leave your audience bored, confused, or — even worse — unaware of who you even are. Trust us: The ROI of bringing a great copywriter on board to ensure every marketing asset is both original and memorable will truly blow you away.
  8. Content Writer
    While they often get lumped together, creating longform content couldn’t be a more different skillset from crafting marketing and ad copy. Writing a great blog article or white paper requires deep research, careful outlining, and a superlative grasp of grammar and syntax. And like with most things in life, this is something best left to the experts.

Assemble Your A-Team Overnight with Thunderfoot

One of your main takeaways from this list should be that a truly elite marketing team comprises a diverse range of skillsets and abilities. The other is that hiring eight talented, passionate, and collaborative marketers is just as hard as it sounds! And for many companies, partnering with a performance-oriented digital marketing team like Thunderfoot instead makes a whole lot more sense.

We act as a cohesive yet dynamic force, seamlessly integrating our team with yours and doing the hard, human work of successful marketing. Our creatives, web developers, strategists, designers, writers, and project managers are all experts in their respective fields, but united by a common goal of doing great work for our clients.

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