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Jun 23, 2020 | 2 min read

10 Standout Marketing Campaigns Celebrating Man’s Best Friend

Digital Marketing

Alert the Puparazzi.

In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, we rounded up a few of our favorite ad campaigns featuring man’s best friend. Here are the top ten brands that knocked their canine commercials out of the dog park:

1. Guinness: Round Up Your Mates

In this 2012 St. Patrick’s Day ad, Guinness trained a sheepdog to “round up its mates” for some pints at the pub.

2. Volkswagen: Dog Strikes Back

A sequel to the brand’s wildly popular Darth Vader ad, this Volkswagen commercial features a health-conscious pup getting in shape to outrun the newest VW Beetle.

3. Budweiser: Puppy Love

Back in 2014, Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial won its fair share of hearts and YouTube views — over 3 million, to be exact. This touching ad tells the story of an unlikely bond between a puppy and a Clydesdale.

4. Subaru: Dog Tested, Dog Approved

Subaru’s “Dog Tested, Dog Approved” ad campaign features the Barkleys, a family of dogs who drive around town in their Subaru. The commercial is part of a larger Subaru initiative supporting the ASPCA’s sponsorship of national pet adoption programs.

5. Purina: We Met a Girl

Buzzfeed and Purina Puppy Chow worked together to create this endearing campaign, which follows a guy and his dog on a hopeful journey after meeting a girl.

6. K9 Advantix: Ain’t No Bugs On Me

An oldie but a goodie, this K9 Advantix ad stars an adorable puppy singing his heart out while away at summer camp.

7. Heinz: Wiener Stampede

What’s not to love about a pack of pups in hot dog costumes? Heinz’s hilarious Super Bowl campaign is a real “weiner.”

8. Kleenex: Unlikely Best Friends

Kleenex tells the heartwarming story of a San Antonio man and his dog Chance, who are both in wheelchairs.

9. Coldwell Banker: Somebody to Love

Coldwell Banker’s Homes For Dogs Project aims to help adoptable dogs find loving homes. To kick off the initiative, the brand’s 2017 commercial demonstrates the joy furry friends can bring to our lives.

10. Amazon Prime: Lion

When the new baby isn’t a fan of the family dog, an Amazon Prime order saves the day.

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