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Jul 14, 2017 | 3 min read

Beyond the Billboard: 10 Marketing Campaigns That Go Above and Beyond (Literally)

Digital Marketing

Take it to the limit.

We’re all familiar with billboard ads and cheesy commercial spots, but the best brands think bigger — in some cases, way bigger.

Check out these 10 outrageous campaigns that turned heads and dropped jaws:

1. Red Bull: Stratos


Red Bull has carved out a niche for itself, testing the limits of the human body by sponsoring extreme sports stunts. In 2012, the brand brought together a team of experts to train Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner for an out-of-this-world stunt. Later that year, Baumgartner ascended to 128,100 feet in a stratospheric balloon before jumping toward earth from this record-breaking height.

2. NIN: Year Zero


Nine Inch Nails created a cryptic campaign to promote their album launch back in 2007. The Industrial Rock band left a trail of cleverly hidden clues leading fans to secret webpages laden with messages like “You have a voice, how are you going to use it?”

3. Mammut: Extreme Stunts


In 2015, sports apparel brand Mammut launched a viral campaign featuring athletes braving high altitudes and extreme weather conditions for the sake of capturing these breathtaking shots.

4. Game of Thrones: Live Stream of Ice Melting

When you attract a crowd of 3.1 million people to watch ice melt, it’s safe to say you’re doing something right. Earlier this year, HBO livestreamed two flamethrowers beneath a block of ice engraved with the Game of Thrones’ return to air date.

5. WWF: 1,600 Pandas

Back in 2008, the World Wildlife Fund urged the protection of endangered animals by placing 1,600 hand-painted figurines (representing the number of Pandas estimated to still be living in the wild) on the grounds of a popular Paris hotel.


6. Sony: World’s First Underwater Store

Electronics giant Sony went above and “below” by opening the world’s first underwater store off the coast of Dubai. Although the store only stayed open for three days, this clever campaign successfully called attention to the brand’s new line of waterproof products.

7. Colgate: Wooden Toothbrushes

Rather than giving away product samples, Colgate distributed ice cream and cotton candy at an Oral Health Awareness event. Upon finishing the sugary treats, consumers found a hidden surprise — toothbrush-shaped sticks, reminding them to brush.


8. Nvidia: Floating Living Room

Just last year, Nvidia promoted its new Shield Android Television with the help of skydiver Jeff Provenzano. Provenzano jumped from a plane with a fully equipped living room set, including the featured TV, a couch, a lamp, throw cushions — and even a cat.

9. Globetrotter: Weather Chambers


The European sporting goods company Globetrotter gives shoppers a chance to experience their apparel in action, setting up wind, rain, and cold weather chambers that simulate treacherous conditions right in their stores.

10. King Kong: Giant Footprints in the Sand


To prepare for the debut of Kong: Skull Island, the King Kong franchise strategically placed giant footprints around Los Angeles to shock and delight California residents and tourists traversing the city.

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